Simple Ways to Break The Post-Holiday Blues

It’s January. The holidays and New Year’s celebrations have come to a screeching halt. The days and weeks of socializing, over-eating and over-indulging are a thing of the past. New Year’s resolutions are made and some unrealistic goals may have even been broken or changed already.

The non-stop flurry of activity left little time for your usual self-care routine of eating healthy, exercising, and getting a good night’s sleep. With any busy time of year or planning of a special event, it is not unusual to be left feeling depressed, tired and anxious once it’s all behind you.

Here are some easy tools to help break through the post-holiday season blues:

* Smile – Yes, it sounds cheesy but it works. If you smile at others it can immediately change your mood. Your posture will change and you will feel better. And you will help put the person you smiled at in a better mood as well.

* Tell yourself an affirmation – If you wake up in the morning and think of just one positive thing, it can keep you positive throughout the day. If something irritates you during the day or you just feel down, remember that one positive you thought of in the morning.

* Wear a favorite piece of clothing – It can be a sweater, pair of shoes, even a pair of socks. Wearing something that you like helps you feel good about yourself.

* Reach out to a friend, relative or colleague you haven’t heard from in a while – Make a call or send a text or email just touching base. You will feel good about yourself for making the simple effort to reach out.

* Do one fun thing you enjoy that you have been putting off – it may be going to a movie, bowling, or just playing cards. Don’t make a big fuss about it, just do it. You’ll find it takes your mind off of other things and you’ll feel good about doing something you enjoy.

These are just some easy things you can do that take little effort
but can have a big impact. If the suggestions above don’t have any impact on you mood and you are depressed and believe it is more than just post-holiday blues, reach out to a professional Mental Health professional, call Jewish Family Services at 704- 364-6594.