The Dreidel Drive Was a Success

Jewish Family Services extends  a heartfelt thank you to  everyone who made this year’s  Dreidel Drive an overwhelming  success. Dreidels and stars were  posted on displays throughout  Shalom Park and at the Preschool  on Sardis.

A big thank you to our  partners, too. Almost 300 gifts  were collected and distributed.  Each year we ask our clients to  tell us what they would like for  Chanukah. All sorts of requests  come in. This year, one family  requested bedding and pots and  pans to set up a new apartment,  while another family requested  Legos for their youngest and art  supplies – a sketchbook, pens,  and charcoal pencils for their  teen. One senior asked for a warm  blanket. We know we can count  on our community to bring a little  extra joy to those in our community  who might not otherwise be  able to celebrate.